Butterflies and Habitats

Butterflies in Texas

Butterflies on Flowers

There are about 495 different species of butterflies in Texas. Butterflies are a source of inspiration to artists and poets. They are objects of beauty and myth that were appreciated by the Mayans, Aztecs, Greeks and other older cultures. The Aztec believed the adult Monarch butterflies to be the incarnation of their fallen warriors, wearing the colors of battle.

Butterflies evolved from moths sometime between 245 million years ago (when the oldest fossil moths were preserved in Triassic rocks) and 110 million years ago (when the oldest butterfly parts were preserved in Cretaceous amber). By 40 million years ago the major family groups of butterflies are found in Eocene rocks.

Butterfly in Amber

Chinese Fossil Butterfly

Fossil Butterfly

Fossil Butterfly Wing

Fossil Monarch