Butterflies and Habitats

Caterpillars Everywhere!

Monarch Caterpillars

Monarch eggs are usually attached to the underside of young milkweed leaves. They are laid singly, and it is uncommon to find more than one on a single plant. The eggs look off-white or yellow, and are marked with a series of longitudinal ridges. The hard outer shell, or chorion, protects the developing larva. (from: Monarch Watch). Monarch Caterpillars

Monarchs are caterpillars for a couple of weeks. They spend that time eating milkweed leaves. (from Monarch Lifecycle).

Mature Caterpillar After eating their fill of milkweed, the caterpillar forms a shiny green and gold speckled crysalis. This is the pupal stage. (from: Monarch Lifecycle.)

It takes about ten days for the monarch to emerge from the pupa as an adult butterfly. Before flying off, the monarch must pump out its wings and let them dry. Monarch Life Cycle